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Morocco, cheap flights are comming your way!

As for years only mayor airlines like KLM / Air France, Royal Air Maroc and so on had flights to and from Morocco, times have really changed now!

The "open skies" contracts Morocco has now really "opened up the skies" for cheap flights!


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General info about traveling to and in Morocco

The Moroccan government require that passports be valid for at least six months from the date of entry to the country. On arrival, passports will be stamped with the date and an entrance number, which is valid for stays of up to 90 days. No entry or exit fees are charged.

Most nationalities including those from the UK, European Union countries, US and Canada do not need a visa to enter Morocco as a tourist. If you are unsure if you require one you should contact a Moroccan Embassy.

The Moroccan dirham is a controlled currency and can only be obtained in Morocco. The most convenient way to obtain dirhams is through an ATM, where official rates automatically apply. There are many banks with ATMs all over Rabat and Salé. Daily withdrawal limits are usually 4,000 dirhams. Some banks (like Western Union) allow larger withdrawals at their ATM's, but their ATM's are not widelly spread throughout Morocco.

National currencies can be exchanged at official bureaux de change, found at the airport, most banks and major hotels. While a lot of prices in Morocco are quoted in euros, there is no benefit to bringing euros over GBP sterling as all major currencies are readily exchanged. There is no commission charge and visitors will be issued with a receipt which they must keep in order to exchange Moroccan currency back into the original national currency upon departure.

Some credit cards are accepted in larger restaurants, hotels, guest houses and the occasional shop in the souks. If hiring a car, have cash on hand to pay for petrol/diesel.

Traveller's cheques are not very common and can prove expensive due to commission charged at time of purchase or when cashing unused cheques. Should you choose this option, UK visitors are advised to take them in pounds sterling to avoid additional exchange rate surcharges.

Some other important information

Airport Transfers
If Villa Yasmine is arranging an airport transfer for you it will be operated by one of our partner transport companies, they use vehicles such as Hyundai minivans. The driver will wait in the Arrivals hall immediately after you exit Customs, holding up a sign with your last name printed on it. The journey from Casablanca Mohamed V airport to villa Yasmine takes approximately 90 minutes. The journey from Rabat / Salé airport to villa Yasmine doesn't take it lot of time, it takes approximately 15 minutes. On arrival one of our staff will meet the taxi and help you out with your luggage. You don't need to pay the driver; the cost of the transfer is added to your bill.

Buying food from street vendors carries some degree of risk, and tap water should not be drunk although it's fine for brushing teeth. There is plenty of bottled water available throughout the country. The best choice in our opinion is Sidi-Ali. Morocco is basically malaria-free.

No vaccinations are required by law to enter Morocco but Typhoid and Hepatitis A are two vaccinations that are strongly recommended. It is also a good idea to be up to date with your polio and tetanus vaccines.

Women Travellers
Morocco is an Islamic country and the general advice is to be modest in what you wear. To avoid unwelcome attention, it is best to avoid short skirts, short shorts or tank tops. Shorts that arrive close to the knee are acceptable. Wear a bikini or swimsuit only at a pool, inside the riad or on a beach.

220 volts at villa Yasmine. Continental Europe type adapters will be required for UK visitors.

Fasts and Feasts

Ramadan: 21 August - 19 September 2009

                11 August - 9 September 2010

Aid el Kebir: 28 November 2009
                  17 November 2010


Hotels and guesthouses in Morocco are prohibited by law from allowing Moroccans to accompany guests to guest accommodation areas. This policy is strictly enforced in Villa Yasmine.


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