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Geographically Morocco extends from the Mediterranean in north to the Sahara in the south. The general seasonal temperatures are as follows:
Autumn/winter - mid-November to mid-February - most of the time hot (15 to 25°C), can be very fresh in evenings and it can rain but seldom for long periods. Sale has a nice sea-climate, but because it is in Northern Africa it most rarely has temperatures below 10°C at night in winter.
Spring/end of summer - March, April, May, September and October - hot temperatures (25 to 30°C), hot evenings and very small risk of rain. For the tourist who do not like the "hot" periods spring and autumn are superb periods for a visit in Morocco, as in these periods temperatures vary between 18°C at night and 27°C at day.
High summer - June, July and August - can be very hot in Salé/Rabat and the South (up to 45°C), pleasant in mountains and on the coast. The mornings are the best for the tourist visit and the afternoons to take a sun bath/swimming pool or a nap. Long marvellous hot evenings. In summer the temperatures in Salé vary normally between 30°C and 38°C, temperatures like > 40°C are possible!
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